Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Story - Intro

I haven't forgotten about my detective story, I've already finished it and will begin on the final draft probably in a few weeks. I began writing this one yesterday, and this is all I've got till now. The plot hasn't developed, at all, yet, but this is just an introduction to the life of one of the main characters that it's going to have. I haven't spell checked it or anything so forgive me if there are any errors in grammar, spelling, etc. Cheers...


    While he was slipping on his work uniform, David heard his phone ring. He picked it up from his bedside table and answered it. His best friend’s voice rang through, sounding sort of concerned.
    “Hey Dave, what’s up?” Piped Jack, his friend.
    “Nothing, getting ready for work. Why are you calling?” His voice carried a nervous and reserved tone, as it always did.
    “Just wanted to know if you were doing okay. Started seeing a pattern in all of your bruises and injuries. They always seem to be worsening after you come back from work. Those guys still rough on you?”
    “Yes,” He murmured.
    “I thought that had ended before you went off to college?”
    “It had, but only because it intimidated them to be around a guy who’s going off to college. Once I dropped out it came to them that I was just the same loser I’d always been, and the--as our boss calls it--rough-housing continued.”
    “And he doesn’t do anything about it?”
    “The only thing he cares about is that the day’s work gets done and the customers attended to. He could care less what goes on behind the counter.”   
    “Lounges around in his office, eh?”
    David didn’t respond.
    “I don’t get it, why do you still work at that dump anyway?”
    “I’m not good for anything. Why do you think I dropped out of college?”
    “Why don’t you get another job?” He asked, curious and puzzled.
    “No. Can’t be bothered. And you know I don’t care for interviews. Don’t like people getting into my life.” His sentences came in short intervals. He sounded hurried.
    “You let me into your life,” Jack said facetiously.
    “I didn’t so much let you in as I was forced under my will to go out and meet the new kid on the block. Yeah, and how was that pie my Mom made for you?”
    “Can’t remember a thing from our childhood. I can only remember having grown up and gotten used to your dry attitude. Anyway, good luck at your job.”
    “Thank you for wasting my time for no particular reason. Right then, I have to go to work.” He hung up the phone.
    He dreaded going to work but he knew that he had no choice. He’d been working at Burger King for three years before going off to college to study business administration. Turns out he wasn’t suited for the job and he dropped out soon after. Without any place to go, he rented a cheap flat and went back to working at that burger-frying dumpster.
    After brushing his teeth and looking at himself in the mirror, he scurried outside, closed the door, and went down to get his car. It actually wasn’t even his. His Mom had lent him her car after he dropped out of college. She felt sorry for him but asserted that if he were to survive in this world, he had to at least get a job and learn how to earn money. Thus, the same cycle he had gone through since he was seventeen ensued. Just my luck, he thought bitterly.
    He flew down the highway without realizing how fast he was going. He put in a Slayer record, turned up the volume, and proceeded to drive as fast as he could, unaware of and oblivious to his surroundings. Luckily, no cop had followed him. He turned up at the small parking lot next to Burger King, turned the key and walked outside, slamming the door before him. Another day, another nightmare.
    His work partners were nowhere inside. He walked up the steps and went in the restaurant. It was empty, save for his manager who’s door was closed. There was a soft humming sound coming from within his room. Sounded like music. David wished he had that job.
    He started turning on everything in the kitchen, warming them up to start the day. Then the door slammed open from the outside. It was Ben. He said nothing to David as he walked towards the kitchen. He looked at him, chuckled softly, and walked past him, elbowing him in the gut as he did so. David sucked it up. He’d gotten used to the pain.
    “I see you decided to come to work early today, huh, buddy?” Sneered Ben.
    David stayed silent. The tension grew between the pair.
    “Don’t think that just because you came here early you will be awarded the privilege of not being thrown around by your favorite people in the whole world. You’re helping us, David,” continued Ben, “You are our daily entertainment. And we immensely appreciate it.” He flashed a dark smile at him.   
    Still, David remained silent. He began to get to work. The first customers would be coming in soon, as with the rest of the people who work at Burger King.
    The second to come in, after Ben, was Molly. She was the only one who didn’t bully David around and he appreciated it. She was short, stubby, and usually said nothing throughout the day. She didn’t want to get in the middle of the fights. She smiled at David and began to get to work. Ben was sitting at the back of the kitchen, playing a game on his cell phone. He took no note of Molly’s entrance.
    After Molly was Arthur, who performed the same ritual as Ben, subsequently mimicked by the next person to walk in the door, Max. After him came in the rest of the group of workers, all of whom constantly terrorize David. He was used to it and, over the years, had figured out a way to tolerate it. It was simply to stay quiet, not make eye contact, ignore their remarks, and go on through the day as if nothing at all was bothering him. This only succeeded in aggravating his work partners even more, but he didn’t care. If it was able to make him survive throughout the day, that was all he needed.
    As he was serving up an order of fries, David was tripped by Ben and he fell harshly on the cold, filthy floor. He fell face first and the taste of blood filled his mouth. Everyone behind the counter, except Molly, laughed hysterically at the incident. They followed Ben like blind, ignorant sheep who need to be guided, or else they would become largely errant and without knowledge of what to do next. Molly simply stared at David. A hint of sympathy was showing on her chubby face. She tilted her head slightly the way people do when they feel sorry for someone.
    David looked away, got up, and walked briskly to the bathroom. Once he got there, he turned the tap and started rinsing off his face. He was used to this kind of thing, but he knew that he’d get in trouble with the manager after everyone blamed him for the costumer’s complaints. He didn’t like inconveniences and treated them accordingly. David would lose at least a week’s pay after this. He heaved a sigh and went back to work.
    The rest of the day continued on fairly uneventfully until David was asked to take out the trash to the dumpster. He obeyed his orders, picking up the large bags filled with trash and heading for the door at the back of the restaurant, behind which was a dark alley where there lay nothing more than a dumpster and the occasional stray, lurking cat who scavenged through the day’s waste.
    He walked down the steps and towards the green dumpster at the end of the alley. There were no sounds except for the quiet scuttle of a rat scurrying to get away from the approaching human being.
    It felt cold.
    He flung the bag behind his back. It hung there loosely, bouncing against the back of his legs as he strolled towards the dumpster. The sky was already dark, the lights of the city turning on slowly, one by one. There was a lamp hanging from the street adjacent to the alley, illuminating light away from it. The moon was hidden behind gray clouds up in the sky. Little light from the street lamp was able to scintillate the narrow passage and David struggled to see through the dark. He made his way through the blackness and reached the dumpster. He tossed the black bag over the dumpster, hitting its steel bottom with a loud thump.
    Suddenly he heard a noise from behind him. A door creaked open, clicking as it was shut softly. He couldn’t see who it was. He squinted through the darkness. A bright flashlight was turned on, blinding him momentarily. He looked away, listening to the several pairs of footsteps approach cautiously. They made no noise other than the soft sound of their shoes hitting gravel.
    David couldn’t move. His feet were glued to the ground, despite his efforts to try and make a run for it. He continued straining his eyes to see through the dark. The flashlight blinded his vision; he couldn’t see past it.
    The footsteps continued approaching, their owners giving off nothing but silence. David estimated that by now that they must be only a few meters away. He forced the words out of his mouth. “Who’s there?” He called out, frightened and shivering.
    There was no reply.
    Suddenly he felt a sharp pang of pain on his lower side. They had thrown an egg at him. Its contents dribbled down his pants. He ignored it, still concentrating on the bodies looming through the darkness, drawing nearer every second. Another egg was thrown, this time hitting his upper chest, barely missing his chin. He called out again, once more to be met only by the same dark, chilling silence.
    Suddenly they were upon him. A fist sliced through the air, meeting David on his right cheek. He grimaced, the pain growing more intense. The next punch landed on him only moments later. He fell to the ground, struggling to get up. Still he couldn’t make out the silhouettes but he had no doubts of who they belonged to. One of them jumped on him, elbowing him on his side. The pain was unbearable. They did not stop there, throwing more punches and bruising him everywhere. He fought frantically, trying to get up. They wouldn’t let him. They pinned his arms on the ground and proceeded to throw punches to the base of his stomach.
    A quick movement of light caught his eye. It was reflected off an iron surface that grew nearer through the dense atmosphere. A knife. The fists continued flying through the air, giving off soft sounds as they were met by flesh and bone. He cried out at every impact.
    He blacked out.

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